Summer Discovery Dig! was Mycena Cave's second non-forum based event.


From July 2nd to July 14th 2014 the Summer Discovery Dig event was held, where way down in one of the wonkier caverns, some ineki have found a very curious mine. It seems letters can be mined right out of the rock! So, grab a pick* and head over! Collect letters to make words, and give them to Mycenians you feel the words describe. It's fun, and just a little bit silly. The shinies you mine could then be used to exchange for prizes in the Underground Marketplace!

The ScenarioEdit

Deep in the caves, the letter mines have started producing! And what better to do with words than to give them away.

Collect letter tiles by mining for them in the letter mines. Click a tile to move it to your wordsmithing bench, or drag tiles to reorder them. Once you have enough tiles to make a word, place them on your wordsmithing bench and click "Give!". Each letter is worth a certain number of shinies, and when you give away a word you receive as many shinies as the letters were worth.

You can have a maximum of 15 letters at a time. If you need to discard any letters, place them on your wordsmithing bench and click "Discard". When discarding letters, you will receive one shiny per letter.

Up to 25 shinies left over would be used as raffle tickets for an additional event raffle for event-specific prizes.

Word of the Day ChallengeEdit

The Word of the Day Challenge was an additional forum mini-event tied to the Summer Discovery Dig. Every day there would be a new word and if the user was successful in sending that word to anyone during that day, they would receive a point.

Those who managed to complete five or more challenges (accumulated 5+ points) were rewarded with the equippable item Shinies.


Shinies were swappable for prizes in the Underground Marketplace. Although the event ended at July 14th, 23:59 server time, the Underground Marketplace remained open until July 20th, 23:59 server time.

Image Item Contains Shinies Cost
Azure Geode Azure Geode Randomly contains one of 7 food items with a small chance (1%) for the Summer 2014 mushroom. 25
Pine Geode Pine Geode Randomly contains one of 7 items with a small chance (1%) for the Summer 2014 mushroom. 50
Rust Geode Rust Geode Randomly contains one of the four event transformative mushrooms (Pearly Depths, Monarch Butterfly, Watermelon, Orange Calcite). 500


Four coat colors were released for the Summer Discovery Dig! event. They were included in the Rust Geode as mushrooms and for direct purchase as mushrooms with shinies. They can also be obtained through a Changingshroom or a Summer 2014 mushroom.

Image Coat Color Shinies Cost
Pearly Depths Mushroom Pearly Depths (Cat Ineki) 570
Monarch Butterfly Mushroom Monarch Butterfly (Fox Ineki) 666
Watermelon Mushroom Watermelon (Dog Ineki) 800
Orange Calcite Mushroom Orange Calcite (Drasilis) 2000


Items could be directly purchased for shinies or randomly drawn through the Geodes. The Rust Geode only contained the mushrooms of the newly released coat colors while the other two contained the items.

The equippable items that were released were:

Image Item Shinies Cost
Mushos Onna Stick Mushos Onna Stick 48
Mallows Onna Stick Mallows Onna Stick 48
Tropical Coconut Dream Tropical Coconut Dream 34
Grit Beer Grit Beer 36
Watermelon Punch Watermelon Punch 38
Frosted Fruit Cocktail Frosted Fruit Cocktail 34
Strawberry Snake Strawberry Snake 57
Camping Lantern Camping Lantern 229
Green Globe Necklace Green Globe Necklace 57
Blue Globe Necklace Blue Globe Necklace 57
Pink Globe Necklace Pink Globe Necklace 57
Playing Mantis Playing Mantis 95
Dapper the Rock Dapper the Rock 81
Sheer Blue Scarf Sheer Blue Scarf 142
Shinies Shinies Was won from Word of the Day challenge and/or event raffle