The first site-official raffle was held on September 13th, 2013 . Raffle prizes vary between raffles but they generally consist of several prizes, with one 'grand prize'. The nugget cost and number of tickets that can be purchased per user for each raffle differs as well.


Tickets will be randomly selected one at a time. If your ticket is chosen, you win your most preferred unclaimed prize, and all of your remaining tickets will be removed from the bowl -- you can only win one prize per raffle.

Only pets in karasses that exist before the end of the raffle will be eligible for the breeding. If you have no pets in karasses by the end of the raffle and you would have won the breeding, you will win the next prize in your preference list instead. If your chosen karass is only with your own pets, the breeding will result in one baby. If the karass is shared among more than one user, two members of the karass will receive offspring.

Prize PoolEdit

The following have been used as prizes in one or more raffles in the past.

  • Breeding
  • Customs
  • Torch Mushroom
  • Previous Out of the Shadow Mushrooms
  • Spring Mushroom 2014
  • Chagingshroom
  • Red Garden Bag
  • Yellow Garden Bag
  • Green Garden Bag
  • Cave Capsule 2013
  • Recipe Bottle
  • Blushroom
  • Petrified Mushroom
  • Grey Fedora
  • Driftshroom
  • Gems
  • Nuggets

List of RafflesEdit