Other coats are a category of pet coats that do not fit any other categorization (i.e. they are not customs, offsprings, monthly or event colors.)

Miscellaneous Coats
Image Coat Notes
Torch Mushroom Torch Only available via Raffle or Changingshroom
Wild Cenote Mushroom Wild Cenote Only available via Raffle or Changingshroom
Pancake Mushroom Pancake Darcy's Confection Perfection exclusive mushroom
Lammergeier Mushroom Lammergeier Fall 2014 Seasonal Coat
White Wind Mushroom White Wind Winter 2014 Seasonal Coat
Flowering Fawn Mushroom Flowering Fawn Spring 2015 Seasonal Coat
Gerbera Daisy Mushroom Gerbera Daisy Summer 2015 Seasonal Coat
Grim Harvest Mushroom Grim Harvest Fall 2015 Seasonal Coat
Frazil Mushroom Frazil Winter 2015 Seasonal Coat
Ephemeral Light Mushroom.1462935992 Ephemeral Light Spring 2016 Seasonal Coat
Nishikigoi Paradise Mushroom.1482530739 Nishikigoi Paradise Summer 2016 Seasonal Coat
Death's Embrace Mushroom.1482530739 Death's Embrace Fall 2016 Seasonal Coat
Polaris Bear Mushroom.1482530739 Polaris Bear Winter 2016 Seasonal Coat