Glowing Changingshrooms are special Changingshrooms that are currently only available via auctions, raffles and other miscellaneous events.

The coats contained within the Glowing Changingshroom are unknown until a user discovers them - there is no public list of the coats.

Discovered Hidden Coats Edit

Name Artist Active Upright
Prismatic Tiger by Eluii (#69) Prismatic Tiger - Male Prismatic Tiger - Female
Lacey Magpie by Wren (#235) Lacey Magpie - Male Lacey Magpie - Female
Hamadryad by Plasma (#224) Hamadryad - Male Hamadryad - Female
Royal Red by Morgan (#44) Royal Red - Male Royal Red - Female
Purple Gilded Spider by feyani (#16) Purple Gilded Spider - Male Purple Gilded Spider - Female
Stardust Firework by King (#166) Stardust Firework - Male Stardust Firework - Female
Star Bomb by Tamako (#60) Star Bomb - Male Star Bomb - Female
Twilight Woods by Tamako (#60) Twilight Woods Active Twilight Woods Upright
Witch's Brew by Rhyme (#323) Witchs Brew Active Witches Brew Upright

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